BriovaRx® is great. They have a positive, productive relationship with us, and provide useful reports and recommendations.

— A labor and trust client in New York

BriovaRx®: Your trusted advisor

BriovaRx® is more than just a specialty pharmacy. We’re an advocate for your members, their healthcare providers and you, the payers. We help you take good care of your members, offering proactive insight needed to make the most informed decisions that control costs without compromising care. You can trust BriovaRx® to deliver:

  • Outstanding support for your members
    Outstanding support for your members

    We make it easy for your members to obtain their therapies. We have access to a variety of drugs for several key conditions. We make sure your members have the medication and medical supplies they need, and we deliver them fast, even issuing refill reminders before they run out of medication.

  • Expert treatment management
    Expert treatment management

    We maintain regular contact with your members and their physicians throughout treatment, to ensure safe administration and compliance.

  • Centralized technology
    Centralized technology

    We share real-time critical data with you directly, validating improved quality, consistency of care and cost management controls.

  • Administrative support
    Administrative support

    Your dedicated account team at BriovaRx® will discuss prior authorizations with you and work directly with providers to expedite the authorization process.

  • Clinical expertise
    Clinical expertise

    Our specially trained staff can recommend widely accepted clinical guidelines and deliver new, innovative solutions that make your job easier.